Local vs Colombian roses

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Do we supply local roses? 

Yes we do, all year round except Valentine's Day


Why not support local growers on Valentine's Day?

Australian growers simply cannot meet the demand of this worldwide occasion.  This year their supply is extremely tight due to recent severe heat wave.


What is the different between local and Colombian roses?

Mainly on head size and overall performance.  Roses grown in Colombia receive 24 hrs sunlight in summer, their rese head has a diameter up to 15 cm.  Our imported grade ranges from 7 to 10 cm.  A Colombian roses has 4 to 5 weeks vase life if stays in home country.  They are shipped to Australia out of water, which reduces vase life to 7 - 14 days.  Vase life of Australian roses are about 5 - 7 days.


How to take care of the roses?

If you receive them in a bouquet, you should keep it tied and remove any plastic wrappings.  Trim the stems for minimum 3 cm, then put in a vase of clean water with flower food.  Any leaves go under water should be removed.  Top up water every second day.  If you receive them arranged in a container, top up water immediately and every day.  

Please your flowers indoor in shade, avoid direct sunlight, heating or draft from air-conditioning.

Remove dead leave and petals along their aging, sit back and enjoy your beautiful flowers :)

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